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  • Evaluate a chosen psychological theory and its associated method of intervention with regaurd to a chosen mental disorder.Further consider the factors that affe

Evaluate a chosen psychological theory and its associated method of intervention with regaurd to a chosen mental disorder.Further consider the factors that affe - Essay Example

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Evaluate a chosen psychological theory and its associated method of intervention with regaurd to a chosen mental disorder.Further consider the factors that affe

The psychodynamic perspective emphasizes on the internal conflicts, motives and unconscious forces regulate an individual's overt behaviour and attitude, hence addressing and resolving these underlying factors may attribute in the understanding of maladaptive behaviour. In psychodynamic approach, the associated symptoms are considered as an expression of a defence mechanism with a struggling inner-self attributes to the disordered pattern of eating or weight control behaviour as a connotation to commune or articulate underlying problems. In a conventional psychodynamic treatment approach, these symptoms are taken into consideration for expressing underlying issues, working through them and then resolving them. The psychodynamic treatment session primarily consists of looms using understanding and administration of the transference relationship mutually corresponding between the therapist and the client. The effectiveness of sole use of psychodynamic approach has not been proved well up to the mark, primarily because of twofold reasons. Firstly, in many cases clients suffering from acute starvation, depression or compulsivity that compel them having distorted mental states and hence aggravating the crisis by means of initiating associated complications like suicidal ideation or attempt, compulsive binging or purging, or need for critical medical attention. This eventually deteriorates the outcome of psychodynamic treatment approach, if applied prior resolving these problems. Secondly, client may engage in psychodynamic therapeutic approach for long years while employing themselves in the destructive symptomatic behaviour as well. This paper focuses on the analysis of Freudian psychodynamics theoretical perspectives in relation to the eating disorder including the adaptive function and the purpose that the eating disorder serves at unconscious level.
Freudian Psychodynamic Approach
Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) had been greatly influenced by Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894), a German physicist and physician. Freud had been inspired from him to propose his psychodynamic theory in relation to the principles incorporating the law of thermodynamics. He theorised that psychic-energy attributed to the development of human personality is a form of energy that can neither be destroyed nor be created, it can only be converted from one form to another, obeying the 'law of energy'. Hence the science of psychology is to focus on the adaptation, conduction and exchange of psychic energy within the realm of personality traits attributing to the overt shape and determining it (Internet Encyclopaedia).
In his topographical structure of mind (1923) as illustrated in Figure 1, Freud explained the division of mind as the dynamism of unconscious, preconscious and conscious levels of mind by virtue of interplay among Id, Ego and Superego. Freud considered that most of our underlying feelings incorporating emotions, beliefs, attitudes and impulses are buried down into unconscious level. The conscious level of the mind, the smallest region, is what an individual is aware of. Freud described that as we possess the perception of awareness of our environment and the objects around us, it signifies the mechanism of conscious mind. Another level is preconscious which is promptly accessible whenever ...Show more


Psychodynamics is the science focusing on the interrelationship among various components of mind, personality or psyche by virtue of the relation in mental, emotional or motivational forces incorporating primarily at unconscious regime of the mind. It can also be put simply as the mutual exchange and transformation of psychic energy into personality traits (Hall & Nordby, 1999)…
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Evaluate a chosen psychological theory and its associated method of intervention with regaurd to a chosen mental disorder.Further consider the factors that affe essay example
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