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Essay example - Article Critique: Preparing modern practitioners for postmodern families

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The experience of suffering from an illness can be alleviated by those who play a role in the lives of the one suffering. These individuals are the ones whom the patient is connected with. We often consider the ones who are connected to the person with the illness as close family members and friends…

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Some patients and family members (this includes friends) may not realize it but the nurse also provides more than medical care such as emotional and mental encouragement, strength, hope, and so on. Or the nurse can offer the opposite and place more fear and discouragement upon the patient and family members.
There is much stress when dealing with one who is suffering from illness. Not only is there stress for the patient and family members but stress for the medical staff. All humans need the support of others. "There is a human need to share the impact of any major life event with an understanding fried, associate, or spouse. There is a considerable body of research that supports the notion that the impact of a major stressor is modified by social support," reports Rock (1992).
The nurse and family interact with each other and converse with each other in this trying time and it is the knowledge, understanding, and relieving of the suffering from this type of interaction that gives the family strength and resilience during a time of family crisis. The way a nurse thinks,
the languages he or she uses, the questions he or she asks, and the values that are placed on relationships can create family strengths and resiliency in the midst of suffering. ...
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