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Communication is not just 'telling' to other person(s) but a complex process in which sender encodes and transmit the message to the receiver and the receiver's feedback depends upon how the message is decoded (Bovee and Thill 1998). Therefore, Davis and Newstrom (1989) argue, "communication is what the receiver understands, not what the sender says" (P.71). This statement is valid for the written and oral communication as both modes of communication are used in organizations. The written communication refers to all those documents which are available in black and white and could be communicated through using various traditional and modern means of communication such as postal or courier service, electronic mail, facsimile or/and electronic boards etc. However the research shows that business people spend only 25% of their time in reading and writing and rest of the time is spent in speaking and listening (Bovee and Thill 1998). ...
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This essay reviews the basic concepts and strategies of communication. The author has narrated communication situations based on personal experience to depict as to how the theoretical concepts can be applied in real situations. It is also emphasized in the essay that a communication strategy will work or not depends upon how the message is decoded at the receiver's end.
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