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Sports have been used for various purposes most of which include social change. There are a number of benefits of which engagement in sports has for the individual participating in it. We find that it helps to reduce the chances of growing obese and therefore hinder the occurrence of problems related to health…


At the same time, we find that the level of participation of children in sports is not evenly distributed within a populace; some children participate more in sports than others. Some of the variables observed with the participation of children include the sex of the child, the social background from where the child comes and the class of the child. The United Kingdom after realizing the importance of the participation of the children in sports implemented a policy that would ensure all children participate in sports. They considered the differences in the household's economic and social status thus came up with the notion of the importance of all the children to participate in sporting activities. This led to the giving of a number of incentives to the willing but unable children probably as a result of economic difficulties to participate in sporting activities.
The family, in its central role of bearing and nurturing the children, has a great role it plays in the determination of the sports inclination of the children. This is so because of various factors that affects the family in the promotion of their children's participation in sports. ...
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