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Change Management College

(Cummings. Worley: 1993). Organizational development and change management are concurrent fields which have a common basis and aim that of overall progress of the organization. However each field has specific nuances which are being discussed herein. (Davis: 1998). The aim of change management is to enhance organizational competitiveness. This can be achieved by strategic change and congruence in various facets of an organization, such as aligning the people, processes structures and culture.
Change management is designed to change behavior before attitudes. (Davis: 1998). It is commonly believed that a large number of projects fail to achieve the expectations of the senior management. (Responding to Change). A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and MORI carried out in the late 1990's revealed that 9 out of 10 barriers to change were related to people and included lack of change management skills, ineffective communications and resistance by employees. (Responding to Change). The phenomenon of organizational change is complex as it involves a number of inter related factors to include the stake holders, the people and the technologies. The key factors in change management are what are known as the softer issues of transforming behavior and training of the staff to accept change. (Responding to Change). ...
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Change management is said to be the process of aligning an organization's people and culture with transformations in its business strategy, structure and systems. Change essentially involves moving from the known to the unknown. (Cummins. Worley: 1993).
Thus change is required to achieve a symbiosis between people, processes, structure and culture…
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