Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

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In order to be successful in business in today's market, companies cannot avoid employing technology and the Internet. In the past two decades, almost every aspect of the business world is affected by technological advances. Technology use is a vehicle that employees can use to take company data.


Many employees stealing from companies send the purloined data to their personal e-mail account held at home or on the web. 21 percent burned the information onto CDs." Due to these technological security issues, employers feel the need and have the capability to monitor their employees. E-mails, voice mails, the Internet, telephones, computers, etc. can be use for unregulated monitoring. Employees say this is an invasion of their privacy. Companies say this is a protection of their assets. The law is not clear on whether companies are invading employees' privacy rights regarding information technology so policies must be set and employees must be informed on what is considered to be an invasion of company confidentiality or employee privacy rights.
In cases of lawsuits and investigations of regulations, instant messages and e-mail messages are used as the main source of evidence. However, according to the 2004 Workplace E-mail and Instant Messaging Survey, "employers remain largely ill-prepared to manage e-mail and instant messaging risks." It is still not common for businesses to have policies set regarding information technology. Studies have found that 35 percent of companies have any policies set in place and a mere six percent of businesses save electronic business records. However, among those businesses that do
"The failure to properly retain e-mail and IM reflects employers' failure to educ ...
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