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Case Study
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Marketing is a wider subject, the success or the retention of which is highly based on the product's quality and customer satisfaction. Gillette fusion razor is having a wider popularity in the recent market avenues. "The Gillette Fusion Power is the first razor to bring advanced electronics to wet shaving.


2007). By taking the consumers' needs and wants into consideration, Gillette is offering those products with proper design and accuracy for achieving customer satisfaction. It is a product which provides ultimate satisfaction to its consumers. The main feature of Gillette is that it is having five blade frontage technologies.
Even though Gillette is having a brand loyalty among the consumers, still it is facing healthy competition from rivalries. The fact behind this is none other than the expensive price tags that Gillette products come with, as compared to other products. Despite being one of the leading companies in the industry, they are facing competition. Following are the leading competitors of Gillette fusion razor:
The primary market for Gillette is basically the wholesale distributors in the market. The distributors are the first purchaser of the product. There is a direct relation between the producer and the distributor.
Secondary market is the second stage in the movement of a product in the market. Secondary market represents the retailers of the product. The consumers normally buy the product from the secondary market.
1) Increased quality: this strategy of Gillette states that the company is not interested in making profits at the cost of qual ...
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