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Self-Regulation and graduate students

The research scope is based on The McClelland theory (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, p. 15). This identifies the presence of nAch - need for achievement, nAff - need for affiliation, and nPower - need for power in themselves and in others to be able to create work environments that are responsive to respective need profiles.
The aim of this project is to establish what components of the common graduate student's internal and external environment and how this may impact their ability to self-regulate in the learning environment, based on the graduate student's perspective. This can be considered important because, while anyone can read about motivation, understand the actual environment that supports internal motivation can lead to a better understanding of how to create a self-regulated learning environment.
The final results will allow for an environmental perspective on the forces that guide the graduate student towards self-learning or away from it. Understanding how the internal and external environment impacts the graduate student's capability to be a self-regulated learner can assist in developing stronger methodologies and resources for the graduate student.
McClelland's theory describes three different types of personalities and the techniques that motivate them. ...
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This research proposal seeks to examine self-regulation for graduate students in regard to the social cognitive factors that allow or constrain the student from being self-motivated. This will be accomplished by investigating literature that explains the social context and cultural environment of the graduate student…
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