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Psychology of Observational Learning in Childhood:

When he finally tracks down Culler, it seems that Culler's ex-wife was the only person who could testify against him. So John is sent to Oregon to track down Culler's wife and son, and there he's faced with the toughest assignments of his life; which was to be a kindergarten teacher. In his class John notices a boy named Zack, who has bruises on his body which shows that he is a victim of physical abuse and so is his mother. But whenever John tries to talk to Mrs. Sullivan, she avoids him as well as other parents who come to pick their kids after school. And unless Mrs. Sullivan pressed charges against her husband, she and her son Zack would remain victims of Mr. Sullivan's physical abuse, and the school administration totally helpless to protect the child.
To record my finding I used the narrative observation technique to record the behavioral problems of my subject, a kindergarten child named Zack Sullivan, who is a character in the movie; "Kindergarten Cop." I used the visual representation of the data collected and kept a checklist of the target behavior. ...
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The following exploration will consider the theory psychology of observations in childhood then apply it to the child character Zack in "Kindergarten Cop". It will consider also the theory behind the psychology of a child observing a violent parenting relationship and the importance of having a role model in the educational system in order to combat the negatives such observations can create…
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