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Morgan Spurlocks Supersize me

Spurlock's movie tried on experimenting about eating only McDonald's food product in 30 days. They tried to see if fast food is really a big factor on the ongoing obesity problem in America. According to Spurlock's documentary movie, it's over 37% of American children and adolescents are having too much fat and 2 out of every three adults are obese. He chose McDonalds Fast food for it is found in almost all over the world and even almost everywhere in America. McDonalds is also one of the big companies who influences well people about fast foods due to their advertisements. With the ongoing epidemia, who are we really to blame for this, those fast foods or us Should we also consider our own self to be responsible for being obese
Though fast foods are everywhere and are very convenient especially for busy people, there is still a very big factor to be considered on self discipline when it comes to the food we take in. Even if McDonalds have their products advertised well in televisions, radios, and in adds, we always have a choice to be persuaded by them and buy food from this fast food or not. We are responsible for our own health and that includes much about the food we eat everyday.
McDonalds power over their advertisements to the people, especially to the children only needs proper understanding about the consequences upon always eating fast foods. ...
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A calorie is the amount if energy that's needed to raise the temperature of water to one degree", a very well said definition by the Chair of Nutrition and Food Studies in NYU, Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH. Like in the documentary movie done by Spurlock, there are a few of us who knows what's a calorie is…
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