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Communitarian and Cosmopolitan VIews of Citizenship

Nationality is therefore defined in terms of place of birth while citizenship is defined in terms of the rights that have been acquired that enables one to participated in the decision making process of the nation. Citizenship can be acquired and at the same time it can be lost. Therefore it can be defined as when a citizen is legally allowed to live in a country. (Pike 2000, p. 82)
It has been shown the principle of citizenship arose from the concept of creation of social orders. The concept of citizenship can be traced to have been developing from the Greek civilization when there were efforts to define what could be considered as national citizenship and global citizenship. If we take a close look at the Marshall's work on successive emergence of civil, political and society right in citizenship, there is a clear evidence that citizenship arose from the need to have social order. In this definition we will find the citizenship has been used as a market of membership in the polities raging from the pre-modern city states and empires to the current status of global citizenship that has been well applied all over the world. (Heater 2004, p. 42)
The concept of citizenship can be traced to many years ago when there were efforts by ...
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Citizenship has been described as membership or sense of belonging to a society, community, a city or a town and has been expanded to include a country and the globe in general. Citizenship is that membership that grants an individual the right to participate in the political activities of that particular entity…
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