The Localization of Management in China The Implications and Considerations for Foreign Companies

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Finding- The finding reveals a complete analysis of the factors which affect the success and failures of doing business in China. There is emphasis on key factors which require involvement with the cultural and local market.
Finding- James Mcgregor's knowledge of how business is done in China is extraordinary.


Finding - The book provides very sound advice on understanding the operational strategy of China's economy. There is no economy in the world as important and yet as poorly understood as China's. In his penetrating book, Sull helps us understand what really happens in some of China's most important companies. The book is packed with startling stories and much strategic advice for entrepreneurs who can seize the opportunity and manage the risk in the dynamic Chinese market.
Finding - This is an intriguing study which addresses the key factors which motivate the local Chinese to open the doors of their land to do business with foreign company. The emphasis is on business lessons which foreign company needs to learn to assimilate into the local culture. The dragon is the Chinese market.
Subject - The book is designed to help westerners who intend to conduct business in China. The information contained in the book can also be very helpful if you are visiting China for business or pleasure and even if you desire simply to get greater insight into Chinese worldview and not only the appropriate way to act in different situations, but also some historical and social background which is the inherent part of Chinese business culture.
Finding - Thomas G. ...
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