Knowledge Management Health care case

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The industries under the free market forces have quickly sensed the importance of knowledge as an important resource in this knowledge era and taken steps in this direction. Health care systems have largely remained insulated from the free market dynamics due to prevailing policies of reimbursement of insurance amounts and cost of medical services have escalated many folds.


This legislation aims to create a paradigm shift for medical care industry from a state of providing quality medical care "irrespective of cost" to "cost effective" medical care solutions (Wickremsinghe, Mills).
One of the important outcomes of the efforts to initiate change of course of the Health Care industry in USA the concept of Manage Care Organization (MCO) has emerged which provides medical care at fixed cost to its member who have enrolled through payment of monthly fees towards medical services. In their drive towards improving efficiency and cutting cost, Knowledge Management has come as a concept with immense potential. The present case is of a Spine Unit in USA, which is in the environment as described above, and the paramount need is leveraging the potential of its two key assets, technology and knowledge in a manner which is able to enhance its efficiency and reduce costs.
The Spine Care unit has rich knowledge assets comprising of surgeons and medical staffs from the disciplines of Neurology, Neuro-surgery, orthopedics, spine surgeons, psychologists, physical therapists and pathologists. ...
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