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Nursing Care Reflexive Practice

Sometimes we just need somebody to talk to so that we can unload what has been bothering us. Once, I have gained her trust then she can tell me more personal things -- things that may have a direct or indirect relation to what caused or is causing her illness. It is an established fact that cases of abuse in the home, school or workplace has been discovered due to the incident reports, record keeping, and even private journals of nurses. The primary requisite to become a confidant is to win the patients trust. FHCHS has observed that "for a patient to disclose private or embarrassing details about their physical or mental condition, they need to first trust that their nurse will treat them with dignity and respect." Knowing my role and what I have to achieve, I had to act within the indeterminate time that I have been given. There is no certainty how long Ms. Smith will be staying in the hospital so I had to act immediately. The first task is to break the ice between us. This proved to be quite difficult because of her unresponsiveness. I tried to spend more time in her room to check on her, straighten her beddings, move the curtains to allow a patch of sunlight in the mornings, at times just to say "hi!" or to ask if she needed anything. ...
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The answer to what appears to be the problem why we cannot get along is basically rooted in the difficulty in establishing communication. Jane Smith appeared reserved at all times. She does not readily respond to greetings and this made it very difficult to break the ice…
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