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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been a pioneer as far as broadcasting is concerned. Starting its journey from the days of Marconi, the corporation has seen many tumultuous times so far, and the future promises to be more so. BBC's mission statement1 says, "The BBC exists to enrich people's lives with great programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.


BBC provides a wide range of programs and services, including television, radio, webcasts, interactive applications with programmes serving, national, local, children's, educational, language interests.
BBC caters to a wide range of viewers across the globe with services like BBC America, BBC Canada, BBC Japan, BBC Food, BBC Kids (Canada), BBC Prime BBC World, Animal Planet, People+Arts, UKTV, UK.TV (Australia)
Though BBC is an autonomous broadcasting corporation, yet in the recent past it has been mired in controversies on account of its overtly pro-government stance particularly for handling the stories of Iraq war and West Bank stories.
Political: BBC was forced to hike the license fee on account of increase in costs. The corporation is being criticized by a powerful British political lobby for this hike. From the outside world, BBC is being criticized in the Islamic world for, what is being termed as a biased attitude in reporting the affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine conflict etc.
Economic: With economic liberalization and globalisation ruling the economy all across the globe, BBC's broadcast face stiff challenge from it competitors. Competitors are poaching on its share of audience not only on the home ground but on its satellite broadcasts as well.
Environmental: With increasing emphasis on inte ...
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