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Essay example - Strategic Management - BBC

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been a pioneer as far as broadcasting is concerned. Starting its journey from the days of Marconi, the corporation has seen many tumultuous times so far, and the future promises to be more so. …

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The corporation has indeed been trying hard to come up to the expectations by implementing changes from time to time. BBC provides a wide range of programs and services, including television, radio, webcasts, interactive applications with programmes serving, national, local, children’s, educational, language interests.
SWOT Analysis
 BBC is on the broadcasting horizon since the days Radio was invented, i.e. it is the first corporation to make use of ‘Broadcasting’ technique.
 Even in today’s market driven dynamics, BBC has maintained a unique identity of serving the interests of public broadcasts over and above the interests of advertisers and stakeholders.
 It has a strong infrastructure with 10 TV channels, 10 radio channels and runs 33 radio language services around the world.
 The staff strength of around 27, 000.
 Since it was the first one having started the broadcasts, therefore the inherent advantage of being the first one off the block will remain always with BBC.
 It earns its operating finances from the licenses paid by the households.
 The corporation has the backing of the government.
 BBC Resources is one of the largest production facilities in the UK offering services which include studios, outside broadcasts, post production, design, costumes and wigs.
 BBC Training provides courses, tailored training and consultancy services to help individuals and companies working in broadcasting and related industries.
 BBC caters to a wide range of viewers across the globe with services like BBC America, BBC Canada, BBC Japan, BBC Food, BBC Kids (Canada), BBC Prime BBC World, Animal Planet, People+Arts, UKTV, UK.TV (Australia)
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