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Journalism of the Founders

But, the journalists and editors too are part of the society. They have a responsibility to highlight the wrongs, illegal activities and excesses being committed against the society, by some powerful people. Going through the articles it is more than apparent that American Revolution was indeed influenced by the writings at that time. In fact, it won't be an exaggeration to say that the writings developed the urge in revolutionaries for freeing themselves from unjustified occupation. Thomas Jefferson aptly acknowledged the contribution of Tom Paine for his critical role in 'propelling the American colonists towards independence from Great Britain'. Journalists too are human beings and they too have political leanings. History testifies that, there have been numerous attempts to make use of the newspapers and media on pure political considerations, but the impact have never been so high as to bring about a monumental change. This shows that the journalistic writings alone are not considered the final statement of truth. In fact, carrying through such imaginary and untenable arguments has become much more difficult in today's times. ...
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Journalism is the field associated in equal measure with the masses, the rulers and the opinion builders. A journalist is supposed to take a judicious view of the facts, and the happenings around him/ her. Journalistic writings can broadly be divided into two categories, reporting of the happenings and editorial comments…
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