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I take this opportunity to bring to your notice the advantages of online advertising and how we can use it as an effective tool to increase the sales of our textbooks on computer applications software to reach a global audience at very cost effective rates.


Porter 4). "With the internet entering households almost as rapidly as television once did, its use as a marketing communication tool is becoming increasingly popular" (Julie Napoli, 2).
"Although advertising expenditures on the Internet remain relatively small in contrast to standard media, this figure is approaching that of outdoor advertising and represents nearly a three-fold increase over the last two years" (Xavier Drze, Fred Zufryden). According to a November 2007 report by comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, press release dated January 17, 2008, "more than 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched a video online (including both streaming video and progressive downloads), averaging 3.25 hours of video per person during the month. Google Sites, which includes, increased its video market share by more than two percentage points to 31.3 percent from October to November" (comScore Video Metrix).
Online advertising "opens up new communication possibilities for personalized messages to be delivered to targeted individuals (Davis 2000, 113). It can help us "create a customized, common information technology platform for all your company's activities-resulting in unique, integrated systems that reinforce the strategic fit among your firm's many functions. ...
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