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International management - WHO, cancer

The high tar and nicotine contents in the cigarettes sold contribute to increase lung cancer.
Due to heavy smoking the fertility rate of a person decreases and sometimes may become impotent. Smoking causes ulcers in stomach and duodenum that are called as peptic ulcers that take time in incidence and healing. A disease called tobacco amblyopia that causes defective vision and other eye diseases such as cataract might result due to smoking.
Smoking cessation services has been included in Health Plan Implementation Programme in 2001/2002. One of the important factors of smoking cessation services is effective monitoring. The main objective was to get feedback from the field and keep improving the monitoring schemes and obtain essential information on the usage of smoking cessation aids. The positive results reflect the success of smoking cessation schemes.
Show personal intervention and interest in combating smoking, have a clear understanding about the problem or menace, have a good understanding with the members of the staff and should be a respectable person and should be in a senior position.
Prohibition of smoking by pupils in the school premises, the staff and senior members including principal should follow the same, proper counselling should be provided for those who are addicted to smoking ...
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According to a recent global cancer study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) the disease has more and more victims due to the increase in intake of nicotine that is present in cigarettes and other smoking substances. Of the 5 million people that die of cancer every year, more than 50% are due to the consumption of nicotine rich substances…
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