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Business has tremendously changed the world over. The banking fraternity and the funds investment at large have embraced technology in our contemporary society where Internet banking has now become fully-fledged in dispatching banking products and services.


The Internet is now an alternative conduit that is facilitating financial transactions. Internet finance has revolutionized the sector by ushering opportunities in the markets spearheading spontaneous mushrooming of banks in accommodating client base and business rationality. Nielsen B T (2002)

With the advances in the information and technology sector, the banking sector is emerging as the leading domain in e-commerce. This has influenced business and the market economies that are changing tremendously. Financial organizations for example, are partnering up strong domain skills in technology and implementation expertise. One of the primary objectives why banks have adopted information technology is solidly to gain a competitive edge in the global economy. Thus offering financial services with lower costs to clients, and also enhancing market enlargement without incorporating new physical structures. Computing infrastructure and integrated applications do enhance a reliable computing environment that is comprehensive, cost effective and robust. Khalfan A (2004)

The AIA website so static and literally dead, since it has no active link that could easily give more detailed information to the client. Precisely the site should include menu bar like frequently asked questions (FAQ) this would help clients to know the company's expectations. The AIA should integrate a thorough online banking solution that renders state-of the-art standards. ...
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