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Course Discussions DB Forum 2 Reading OT Narratives

Literary approach assist in the correct interpretation of narratives as well as appreciating the rich artistic beauty found in these narrations of the bible.
The book of Joshua as a narrative story ought to be viewed as a literature in its study. This paper will go through a literary analysis of Joshua chapter seven and verses one to twenty-six, (Joshua 7:1-26). It is worth noting that the analysis that will be done is not exclusive and is not limited to further examination of the same.
When one reads the whole chapter, one get to site a number of literary forms that have been used to spice up the narrative and to attract the attention of the reader. To start with, there is the presence of a catalogue. This is generally a list of enumeration of names, persons or even things and normally arranged alphabetically. In reference to this chapter, the first verse shows this where it shows the names of close relatives of Achan, for instance, Achan son of Carmi son of Zabdi son of Zerah.The names are alphabetically arranged. Secondly, the chapter has a number of dialogues. A dialogue is basically a literal work whereby two or more characters are represented as conversing. This is evident from the chapter where Joshua converses with men he had sent to go and spy over Ai (7:3). Another example is a dialogue between Joshua and God especially when they were defeated by men from Ai. There is also a dialogue between Joshua and the sinful Achan. ...
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The books of both the Old and the New Testament make use of several stylistic devices or forms to rely their messages to the people. Since the two testaments are wholly or partly written in a story form, narrative is the essence of the biblical revelation…
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