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The American Experience from 1865 to 1945

In the reconstruction some ex-slave had opportunity of purchasing land, negotiate with landlords of working terms, have freedom of moving here and there, but despite this gained freedom, the post-war period had its problem too.
With the deprived agriculture in the South, the industrial North became powerful and dominant both politically and economically. Although the North played vital role in slave freedom, the problem came in the readjustment of vanquished South and victorious North politically and economically. Reconstruction process which focused in states retuned in full status passed in four stages such as appointment of Andrew Johnson as president, Freedmen Bureau which was active in helping refugees, setting employment contract of freedmen. Thirdly, came Radical or Black Reconstruction whereby Republic coalition governed the states under President Ulysses Grant and in fourth stage Redeemer won political control in most states which made all federal troops to withdraw, hence the collapse of Republican state governments.
"Congressional Radicals strongly disagreed with Andrew Johnson over securing the place of African-Americans in American society." (J.W. Davidson, W.E. Gienapp, C.L. ...
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The American Civil War, despite its havoc it caused to the transportation system in the South during the war, it had led to the freedom of slaves. Slavery was legal in the Union of States of Delaware, Kentucky and Maryland to mention a few states in the South, who mostly worked in the plantations, as agriculture was the main economical activity unlike North with industries…
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