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Racial harassment

In these times, many were tortured, suffered hunger up to their deaths, suffocated, burned and murdered. If we are to analyze, the basic rights of the Jews were trampled and neglected. They are somewhat like a toy in which Hitler and the rest of his company are playing with. The whole world witnessed this gruesome phenomenon and most of us can't help but to wonder, "Why these things did happen"
These fate suffered by the Jews is a sort of pendulum of most of the countries in the world in terms of determining the rights of the people. Well, that is, if we are to delve on the history side. However in present times, we cannot deny the fact that racism or racial discrimination is still rampant in some countries. In the United States for example, during the early goings of the 19th century, black people are not allowed to dine in restaurants were white people eat, the same thing in transportation where there is an area allotted for the whites and the blacks. These things are not new to us. There are news articles and stories that reports incidents on racial discriminations in which people who believes that they are the superior race tends to lambaste or to harass people which they presume lower than them. ...
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It is often said that we are all created equal. Regardless of race and nationality, one must put on his mind that respect for others are essential in observing their dignity. However, most of us nowadays claim superiority over the other. Perhaps, we can say that the comparison of races is still evident in which in a way affects our interaction with other people of different origin…
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