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European Corn Borer - Assignment Example

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The European corn borer (ECB) infestations were applied in three separate levels to four types of corn (BT456, BT123, Golden Crop, and Super H (Non-BT): none, low, and high. When there was no infestation of ECB each type of corn experienced a relatively moderate growing yield, with BT456 and Golden Crop exhibiting the greatest yields…

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European Corn Borer

BT456 and Golden Crop experienced similar drops with the low and high infestations (BT456- 5%/16% & Golden Crop-7%/26% approximately). Meanwhile, BT123 appeared to be the most resistant crop to either infestation of the European corn borer. It exhibited a yield of more than 1% greater during the low infestation and dropped a mere 2% in the high infestation phase.
A farmer would gain by planting BT corn even if there was no particular threat of the European corn borer to the crop. The average yield of the Super H (Non-BT) crop was 163.4, barely out-producing BT123 which had an average yield of 163. Therefore, if a farmer chose either BT456 or Golden Crop he would out-produce the Super H (Non-BT) crop on average yields, with 186 and 184.7 respectively.
If the Bacillus Thuringiensis bacterium in the corn affected non-target beneficial insects it would act as a disadvantage to the livelihood of the crop removing insects that have positive effects on the crop's yield. Alternatively, it would prove advantageous if the bacterium could also remove harmful insects in addition to the European corn borer for which it was designed, thereby increasing the livelihood of the crop and the yield. ...
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