Health promotion strategy for asthmatic children

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In incidence of asthma in children is a serious health issue over the entire world, both in terms of public policy and personal suffering. For the two countries under comparison here, the impact of asthma is dramatic and requires that the respective governments undertake appropriate health promotion strategies to attenuate the effects.


The scope of this paper is to discuss the pathophysiology of asthma in children regardless of their location, the psychosocial and cultural impact upon both the children themselves as well as caregivers, analyze the nurse's role in promoting self management, discuss the health promotion strategies of both Taiwan and the UK while applying them to patient needs and, finally, to provide an overview of the pharmacological agents available for treatment. Although they have different approaches, both Taiwan and the UK have workable health promotion strategies to assist asthmatic children.
Breathing is a process that most people take for granted; airway passages automatically carry air into our lungs where blood is oxygenated and, in a normal person, this process is only challenged under acute circumstances like smoke inhalation (Clark, 2003, p. 44). Asthma, however, "is a condition involving the branches (bronchioles) of the bronchial asthma, these bronchioles become narrowed for many reasons" (Lieberman, 1999, p. 10), making breathing something that cannot be taken for granted. Asthmatics have airways that are hyperreactive, and become inflamed in response to:
...seemingly modest irritants. ...
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