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Essay example - The British Sport Horse Industry

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United Kingdom (UK) has a rich tradition and an unparalleled history. Part of the culture is the love for games, specifically, equestrian. Show jumping, events, and dressage have been undergoing several makeovers and continuously improve as a sport. For some aficionados, equestrian is an escape to the burdens of reality and provides incomparable enjoyment…

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The most important breakthrough in the thoroughbred industry was the commercialisation of horse breeding and the achievements of UK in international events. Local breeders were provided with avenues to improve on their crafts and continuously evolve equestrian in UK. In addition, the local breeders were given the autonomy to compete with the foreign breeders. The equine industry has several potentials including revenues for the government and ordinary individuals.
Indeed, these developments are critical in the decision of investing on horse breeding. Definitely, breeding horses provide opportunities for investors to create local breeding fences that will house majority of the horses used for different purposes. The next discussions will assess the market for equestrian and the processes that have to be considered before entering to such venture. Also, other aspects that impact the proposed investment will be analysed.
In the 1970s to the early 1890s, horses were principally imported and used for military purposes. The number of horses was less that 200,000 and valued currently at approximately 250 million Sterling Pounds. Because of the excessive cost, the government during that period suggested local breeding of horses. ...
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