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Acme Minerals Extraction Company had begun a program to improve employee morale in its company. In Wichita, Kansas, the strategy used began in 1995 and was, by 1996, showing itself to be a huge success in that particular plant. Because of this success, Karen Jimenez, who implemented the actions in Wichita, decided to implement these same actions to boost morale at the plant in Lubbock, Texas…


Prior to the implementation of this strategy, the company had been in financial trouble. The admission of this issue had lead to a decrease in the employee's happiness, and then eventually, this lead to a labor relations issue. Acme, because of its business type, had to employ a wide variety of different workers because of its use of highly skilled technology. Therefore, it had geologists, geophysicists, engineers, (referred to as "the brains")as well as semiskilled labor (referred to as "the brawn") working together to create a functional business. In 1994, these two different levels of employees clashed in a very serious way that also became distressingly public. Engineers at the plant in Wichita locked out union workers and left them outside in the hot Kansas summer. The press got a hold of the story and the media went awry with the issue, and most employees felt that the press went far overboard with its push of the story. However, the bad publicity caused a change of the chief executive, and Bill Daniels was brought in.
Daniels displayed talent previously and had experience with teamwork and change. He wound up being a very good selection for the company. Daniels was good with the media, for one, so he was able to deflect some of the bad publicity. ...
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