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Workers Compensation

Indeed who would pray for such misfortune occurring to least of all, a worker whose only means of income arises from the fruit of his toil --The dream of longevity is owed to the chance of continuity of life and one's job.
The Federal Employment Compensation Act made available the protection for disabilities of workers while on duty, and the State Laws on Compensation covers a wider framework beneficial for the working class and their families. Injuries and disabilities incurred while doing one's work becomes highly compensable without numerous demands for presentment or litigation. Injured employees may claim reimbursements of his medical expense during a disability. He may also claim 2/3 of his normal monthly salary during his illness and more if he has dependents. Survivors of deceased workers who are killed while on the job may claim under this law with the proper agencies.
Soldiers in battle die as heroes and are remembered for their courage and bravery. Leaving the families to fend for themselves adds insult to the family's injury and creates a sense of dread among the military. The Worker's Compensation Law has now made it ultra-possible for families to refrain from suffering such neglect and hardship. Burn-outs will be minimized due to the knowledge that no matter what happens; life still goes on for the living. . ...
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The wheels of a nation's economic stability are greased and fueled by the blood and perspiration of its labor sector. It has been a long-standing dream of our ancestors to protect the rights of our disabled workers knowing that they once shared the same amount of effort to make a nation economically viable…
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