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Essay example - Delegation

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The modern environment, nursing requires professional skills and knowledge, high level of expertise and managerial skills. Thus, delegation is one of the most important functions which help professional nurses to share responsibilities and involve non-professional staff…

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Knowledge and competence are criteria that allow decisions to be made at the appropriate level. This means that all members of staff must accept responsibility for achieving high-quality management and not leave that responsibility to the senior management team or middle managers. Healthcare organizations start to apply this concept into practice seeing it as a high level of specialist practice and competitive advantage in healthcare services. Today, a special attention is given to proper function of medical staff and empowerment which helps to improve efficiency of medical practices and introduce technological innovation more rapidly and effectively.
Delegation is one of the most important management functions which help a person to handle a task over to another person. At the beginning of the 21st century, healthcare needs nurses able to cope with changing environment, technological challenges and culturally diverse clients. If nurses are able to exhibit strategic leadership that achieves a long-term focus, promotes development and application of core competences, emphasizes the development of human capital, develops an effective culture, and achieves strategic control simultaneously with the allowance of autonomy, restructuring efforts are more like to be successful. Delegation of responsibilities allows nurses to improve their performance and effectively manage daily tasks.
Delegation is a skill o ...
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