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E-Learning Master

I will lso use cse study to support the evidence of the theory.
It hs been rgued tht computer-bsed communiction is the most fundmentl chnge in communictions technology in the lst 150 yers (de l Sol Pool 1984). The prolifertion of the personl computer combined with the Internet hs precipitted fr-reching chnges in society. Electronic communictions nd digitl networks re trnsforming the wy we work nd re reshping personl communiction nd entertinment. This trnsformtion hs hd tremendous effect on the need nd opportunity to lern. Unfortuntely, the trnsmission model tht still domintes eduction hs chnged little.
Notwithstnding the widespred doption of computer communictions in society, we hve yet to fully experience the trnsformtive effects of this medium, prticulrly its effect on e-lerning. We re in wht John Seely Brown (2000) described s the grdul development phse of this trnsformtive medium nd re yet to experience its explosive impct. We re only experiencing e-lerning in its erly forms nd hve much to lern of its inherent cpbilities nd the cretion of new 'lerning ecology' (Brown 2000).
s hs been suggested, e-lerning is not simply nother technology or dd-on tht will be quietly integrted or ultimtely rejected. E-lerning represents very different ctegory nd mode of communiction. ...
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Current pper provides the foundtionl understnding of e-lerning while it investigtes its unique potentil to support constructive communities of inquiry consistent with the long-held idels of higher eduction. I will provide coherent perspective nd use the term e-lerning in n inclusive mnner…
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