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What is the best way to address obesity in the United States?

If we look at 'obesity' etiologically, we would come to know that it is a multifactor issue caused by poor diet and physical inactivity. Poor diet refers to poor dietary habits include intake of junk food or high calorie fast food and excessive sugar in our diet. Instead of using fresh food, fruits and vegetables in our everyday diet, we prefer preserved or frozen food followed by no exercise or physical activity at all. One of the most common reasons for rapid increase in obesity among U.S population is the increased interaction of people between built in environment followed by technology and social context.

"The built in environment encompasses the entire range of structural and social elements that make up the fabric of a community: housing, roads and walkways, stairways, density, transportation networks, shops, markets, parks, public amenities, and public spaces. The structural features of the urban built environment its enormous size, its large and densely clustered population, its social institutions, its psychosocial stressors, its economy, its rapid pace, its violence, the configuration of its streets, parks, schools, and play spaces all affect health, growth, and development of individuals". ...
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Obesity in United States is not a new issue as in the past decades American public are influenced “under the prevalence of overweight characterized by a body mass index which continues to rise with each year”…
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