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Evaluate a given assessment instrument for bias

Mr. Alvarez is described as a "salesman" and so makes the role gender specific. This is a form of stereotyping. The equality of treatment of all members of society requires that occupations in which both genders are feasibly able to carry out the role, that the job description be gender inclusive. This is critical to the practice of fairness, and in being able to interact with others with impartiality to their religious affiliation, physical appearance or abilities, gender, age, ethnic group or sexual orientation.
It is suggested that the introductory sentence be changed to: Mr. Alvarez works as a sales assistant at a furniture store. This would align with Guideline 4 of the ETS standards, for the use of appropriate terminology when referring to others.
2. Students in the Physics & Astronomy Club are buying telescopes to watch the upcoming lunar eclipse. They found comparable telescopes, at the following prices, each either on sale or with a special pricing offer:
Firstly, there is no reason given for the four students being chosen from the club, as there are six members who went shopping. Secondly, there is only one female in the group, and this is a science class club, which reinforces the stereotype that women and girls do not like science. I would make Louis (a) and Bernie girls.
Thirdly, t ...
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1. Mr. Alvarez is a salesman for a furniture store. Last week, Mr. Alvarez's sales receipts totaled $25,436. This week, Mr. Alvarez's sales receipts totaled $32,199. How much more did Mr. Alvarez's sales receipts total this week than last week
The wording of the item, "How much more" could lead the examinee to choose C or D, the higher numbers, as they are expecting Mr…
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