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Management Master

Effective and productive organizational communication is one aspect of management that can play a vital role in the growth and development of any learning organization. It is important for the organizations to develop and nurture communication within their set ups so as to ensure that the learning received through an exposure to rapid market changes gets percolated at all levels within them. In a market scenario that is defined by volatility and complexity, managers need to ensure that the timely shifts from the old economy oriented communication patterns to relationship oriented communication patterns are achieved within the organizations managed by them, on a priority basis (Huber, 1991, p.89). It is not a surprise that many of the organizations today have failed to appropriately respond to the nascent challenges in the domestic and world markets and have proven to be lousy learners. The fault often lies in the way organizations are administered and managed, the way job priorities are defined and allocated within them and above all the way employees are expected or taught how to think and communicate with each other (Senge, 1990). ...
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Once a decision is made, communication must again take place. Otherwise no one would know that a decision has been made. The best idea, the most creative suggestion, the best plan or the most effective job redesign cannot take shape without communication.'
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