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Since the evolution of life, human beings have sacrificed too many things for what we are experiencing today. It cannot be without the efforts of saints, we are following different religions. European character to conquer the world started from twelfth century onwards which became dominant during 16th century conquering many of the South East nations and exporting its wealth to their countries…


Other causes that led to rise of revolution are strong resent by the prosperous elite groups of wealthy commoners to their exclusion from political power and positions of honor. The peasants unaware of the feudal working system did not supported, the philosophers were read everywhere around France, the participation of France in American Revolution led to bankruptcy and bad harvesting led to unrest among the population. ( The political and social inequalities coupled with bankruptcy of the government played their part in igniting the revolution. Apart from that the works of enlightenment thinkers like Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau inspired the people to protest against their King. And moreover the success of American Revolution in throwing British rule encouraged French to fight for their freedom. All these factors led to outbreak French Revolution which started with Fall of Bastille. (
Alexis de Tocqueville argues that various attempts to r ...
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