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Essay example - Nursing Science in Research and Practice

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Nursing as a profession has always recognized research and scholarship as a very essential basis for its development into the 21st century. The progress and flourish of the Nursing as a profession has mainly been due to the fact that nursing theorists have identified that it is the knowledge base for nursing practice that actually has contributed to achievement of client outcomes…

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M., 2002).
Evidence-based science is needed to be integrated into the nursing practice to meet the nursing roles of 21st century standards. By evidence-based practice, it is meant that these are proven ways to diagnose and treat patients based on rigorous evidence from contemporary science that may include not only theoretical perspectives, also practice perspectives. By practice perspectives, it is intended to mean studies that elucidate the clinical effectiveness of a particular practice. Authors have also defined it as application of best available empirical evidence that applies recent research findings to clinical practice so it may come into assistance of the clinical decision making of the nurse. ...
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