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Essay example - Ethical Integrity

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At one point or another you have heard people try to justify their deeds or plunders using the words like "There was nothing I could do" or "the circumstances were tight" or "I had no option" among other justifications. It may be true that circumstances may be tight thus forcing one to plunder or the options in any one situation may be limited making one to behave against the moral and ethical standards…

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There are people who have been subjected to situations of life and death but they ended up not betraying their ethical and moral convictions. Such are the people who have what is termed as ethical integrity. Having said this, this paper aims to prove the fact hat there is no excuse or/and reason for going against or betraying morals, ethics, convictions or ethical integrity.
Ethical and moral standards hold this world together in peace. Imagine if there were no standards of demeanor; then people would behave anyway anyhow. There will be chaos everywhere. But now thanks to the ethical and moral standards, as yardsticks to measure and rate behavior and conduct, peace and order is possible. Imagine a world where everyone subscribed to highest possible ethical integrity; it would be basically a paradise where there is no hypocrisy and problems are honestly and objectively handled without reservation. Indeed there will only be the truth and this truth will set the mortals free. Truthfulness and honesty are the core pillars that describe integrity and without these in every thought, word and deed, then there is no integrity at all except for hypocrisy. ...
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