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Treatment of Nature in Literature

The way to the cold mountain is full of unexpected sights. The poet with the use of irony makes the familiar moss and pine tree seem to be strange.
"Zen" is a type of Buddhism which gave special attention to meditation or intuition. Here the poet is trying to say that the moon casts in reflection in the clear water but the moon itself remains in the sky. The poet is supposed to have been a person given to philosophical speculation but he says there is no Zen in his poem. This can mean that religious thought is implicit in his poem. Cold Mountain is Han-Shan's name (translated into English) as well as the place he lived. The identity of Han-shan is still a mystery. People believed that he was a recluse who lived at a place called Cold Mountain. It is said that he was a highly philosophical person who often spoke in riddles. In some lines of this poem it is clear that the poet identifies himself with the cold mountain
The poet seems to say that it is difficult to climb the mountain in the same way it is quite difficult to fathom his poems without the right mind set. It is important at this point to focus upon the Eastern way of life where mysticism and philosophy are considered to be the hallmark of wise men. There is a suggestion that a life devoid of contemplation is not a full life .The poet also reiterates this when he draws comparisons between the arduous climbing of the mountain and a perusal of his own poems. ...
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The poem Cold Mountain written by Han-Shan's a Chinese poet will not be fully comprehended unless the reader has some knowledge of the Eastern philosophy and the intricate symbolism used by the writers belonging to this part of the world. "The Cold Mountain" is a metaphor for the poet himself…
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