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1. Prior knowledge of Chinese way of work: before proceeding to work in an alien environment, it is always advisable to gain as much knowledge as possible about the work environment and practices in the foreign country. This will not only help the manager in requiring less time to start managing the new workforce, but will also pave the way for better understanding between him and the workers.


Being open at the very outset will help set the mindset of the workforce, who would then be able to work with a clear set of requirements (both at an individual as well as at the organizational level).
3. Educate the workers on modern industry: the new manager also has to ensure that the Chinese workers are well-educated about changes in work practices and the way in which modern industry is profit oriented. This will pave the way for bringing out any opinions on the part of the workers, which may be addressed well in time. Such issues generally require that the manager be skilled enough so as not to offend the sentiments of the Chinese workers, which requires that the manager have prior exposure to Chinese culture and the way things need to be said and done under it.
4. Motivate workers: the new manager can help further the interests of the company by offering performance based incentives in the form of financial benefits. This requires that the manager monitor the performance of every worker and keep track of those who are performing better in comparison to others. Other sources of motivation such as promotions etc. also work a long way in this regard.
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