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The Rainy Side of Life

He is a man defined by the public.
In a world where others assign your identity, the challenge is to define yourself ways that surpasses people's version of you, rise above their expectations. Can an individual discard the identity conferred by the public and replace it with his own, a new identity that reveals the real human being inside It is possible for a person to mark his own identity provided the circumstances and opportunities arise and the manner of reaching his goal is done right.
This is the challenge facing Nicholas Cage's character David Spritz in the movie. Spritz is a weather announcer for a Chicago TV channel. Outwardly successful with a large annual salary, his job requires no real skill other than reading off a teleprompter the information supplied by meteorologists and point at a blue screen. As he himself says, "I receive a large reward for pretty much zero effort and contribution." He acknowledges the fact that his job demands very little of him and is thus unfulfilling, yet he retains the guilt for the handsome salary he earns for doing almost nothing. He can almost understand why he's attacked with restaurant food.
He's quite adept with his job and is on the verge of taking a position on "Hello America" in New York a job that pays five times his ...
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One of life's simplest things is to take other people for granted as just 'existing' without knowing much about the struggles they face with their own lives or be aware of their dreams and ambitions, mainly because we're too busy dealing with ours. Many of those people are just players in the world's stage, passers-by who we may not give an iota of care about…
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