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Grocery Store - Assignment Example

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The work culture at grocery stores is fast changing. It's a place where retail goods are made available to customers under one roof. The stocks vary from food, both frozen and fresh, household items, clothing and daily needs (1). Some people visit these stores at their own convenience and some when they are in a hurry…

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Grocery Store

The methods involved in attracting customers, choosing the right location, Inventory and supply chain management, security are major factors which affect the sale of goods.
The interaction levels at such places are very high. Spot decisions needs to be taken in times of crisis, customer satisfaction and their feedback is also very important in such businesses. When one observes the functioning of such an organization, is when he realizes the complexity of management. Thus management provided professional training to the employees of the store to deal with customers and their needs. It's not the service alone; they also need to act as consultants to some confused customers. This is when you know that management is a mix of both art and science. Rash behavior of an employee can affect the reputation of the store hence they also are trained on formal behavioral skills. The manager has a major role to play, he is the guiding force and the decision maker in most of the situations, though he is not involved in every activity a report is given to him in the end of the day to analyze on the financial budget statement. Security teams were always alert; there times when they were proactive. There are miscreants who always look out for an opportunity to show their skills at such places. Security cameras are also installed at various corners to record any such activity. ...
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