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Eastern Philosopher Letter

An individual's life today is determined by the deeds of his past lives and his present deeds in turn would affect how his next lives will turn out to be.
In short if an individual commits a good action, traces of its effects would be seen in his or her next several lifetimes, and the same is true for a bad action. The moral quality of an action is determined by the intention with which it is committed, a good action results from a good intention, and a bad intention begets bad action.
But Ananda, know that the most significant reason why Human suffering is caused is because of ignorance, which does not leave room for enlightenment; and selfish, egoistical cravings, which make an individual the servant of his or her lusts and desires.
Ignorance ensures that an individual does not see the truth for what it is, and so ends up running after things that do not really matter in the path towards attainment of lasting peace and bliss. Due to this ignorance, the individual stays caught up in self-centered cravings which cannot always be truly fulfilled in an uncertain world, where even the best of circumstances can change into the worst in the blink of an eye.
The events of this world are mostly beyond human control, and only disappointment and frustration can come of trying to control them. ...
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I write to talk to you of human suffering and the ways in which it can be reduced. Human suffering is rooted in the transient nature of this world: all the sorrow, disaffection, disappointment, frustration, discontent, and a lingering sense of unfulfillment rises from the unstable nature of the world around us…
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