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Nightingale's Nursing Theory

Her work and contribution to the nursing profession and medical care started thereof.
As a reformist and a nurse, she became active in reforming the laws for the poor and was adamant in changing the conditions of the abysmal infirmaries or hospitals of that time. Among her most famous contribution was at the Crimean War. Ford (n.d.) discloses that Nightingale together with a group of nurses headed on to Turkey to help in the terrible conditions of the wounded British soldiers. With Nightingale's leadership, the nurses worked relentlessly to improve the living conditions of the wounded soldiers. It was in that same time that she was famously dubbed as "The Lady with the Lamp" by the British soldiers as she worked day in and day out to help them. She was also the first person to use statistics in the medical studies such as the high child mortality of those times.
Nursing theories are the concepts and theories behind the nursing practice. Technically, Florence Nightingale never constructed a nursing theory, but her works and journals during her lifetime were treated by her predecessors as such. Her contemplations and deliberations on the apt standards of nursing were exquisitely described in her work entitled "Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it is not."
Here, Nightingale's (1860) theory on nursing evolves around the concept that the pati ...
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Florence Nightingale is one the greatest women in history for being the forerunner of the nursing profession. She is a scholar, a theorist, a statistician and a social reformist. Her dedication towards the importance of nursing patients has made her a renowned and respected theorist in the field of medical care.
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