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Cost accounting as an essential aspect of every business organization

Consequently, full cost accounting allows managers to give an appropriate cost to the company's products and services to include a fair share of overheads to each unit produced.
This paper will take a look at the presently used costing methods in business organizations namely traditional and activity based costing. The next section will discuss how cost accounting was traditionally conducted. Next, it will focus on the recently recognized activity based costing and how it is utilized. Lastly, this report will compare the two methods and apply them to real world examples to asses their relative efficiency.
Traditionally, all costs were orinally fixed. In fact, cost comes from a Latin word which means "to stand." However, developments were made as managers recognized the efficiency of categorizing costs into either fixed or variable. As we now know, fixed costs refer to administrative expenses which remain "fixed" in either busy or slack seasons. On the other hand, variable costs are those which significantly varies with the number of output produced and are dependent on business productivity. ...
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Cost accounting is a very essential aspect of every business organization. In the simplest sense, cost accounting can be defined as "process of tracking, recording and analyzing costs associated with the activity of an organization, where cost is defined as 'required time or resources' (Cost Accounting 2006)." In essense, cost accounting is a field in management accounting which is tasked to give numerical values or figures to each activity in a company's supply chain…
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