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Domestic violence High School

Domestic violence is not just a female problem; in around 1989 a man for the sake of argument lets call him Jake got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend of several years. She raised a knife to Jake's throat and raped him, afterwards Jake went to the police precinct and explained to them about what had just happened, the police laughed at him and later on that week Jake was killed by his girlfriend. Domestic violence is a high-risk killer when ignored and acknowledged. People tend to hide abuse both men and woman for different reasons out of love, fear, or even guilt if there are children involved. A person would have to jump through hoops of fire to get proper help for a new life like police reports, pictures, witnesses, etc. and that still might not work until they hurt the person that's hurting them.
On the other hand you have your fame chasers and custody winners who use domestic violence as an excuses to get what they want. A prime example of this is there was an episode of Law & Order S.V.U. ...
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Domestic violence is a subject that has been discussed everywhere from classrooms to courtrooms and newspapers to dinner tables. Domestic violence is an issue that is looked at with two major points of view. You have the sympathizers who believe that domestic violence is wrong and should be abolished or at least harsher laws and programs be created to help the battered victim…
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