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Essay example - Working with Vulnerable Adults

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This case study begins with the case of two elderly people, the Richards. Both of them led highly active lives until they had to shift to a nursing home due to their illness and the fact that they could no longer keep up with their house. However, only once they had begun to live at the nursing home, they did realize the problems and the obstacles one has to face.

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Then the study goes on to discuss the oppressive and the anti-oppressive situations that these venerable adults have to face. This is done with under the heading points of age, gender, sexuality and class. Afterwards, the essay discusses the role(s) of a social worker in helping senior people. At the end of the essay a brief conclusion is provided.
Mr. Richards is 86 years old and has recently come back from the hospital after he suffered a massive stroke about a month ago. Home for him and his wife (84 years old) of 58 years is a nursing house in rural England. The nursing home is a government institution for the elderly and I happen to be a social worker in the facility. Mr. Richard grew up on a small farm and worked at the local post-office for a number of decades whereas Mrs. Richards worked as a primary school teacher.
They had two children who grew-up and soon moved away to the city. However, Mr. and Mrs. Richards preferred to stay in the same town where they had worked and lived all their lives. But, due to Mr. Richards advance arthritis and heart problems and his wife's diabetic condition, they could no longer maintain and keep their home. Their children didn't have the resources or the time to take care of their elderly parents. ...
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