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Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction

This study constitutes an important first step, and invites other researchers to explore the topic further.
The methodology was entirely through self-reporting, measuring the participants' sexual satisfaction and their perceived self-image in relation to body, fitness, and activity level. Two hundred and ninety women and one hundred and eighteen men participated in the study; all were voluntary participants enrolled in an undergraduate health class at a university. The majority of the class was white, with other races nominally represented. The respondents completed a questionnaire which included demographic information, "An 11-item modified Derogatis Sexual Satisfaction Scale (Young et al., 1998)" (Penhollow and Young "Predictors" par. 12) and a "A 13-item body image self-consciousness scale (Wiederman, 2000)" (Penhollow and Young "Predictors" par. ...
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Dr Penhollow and Dr. Young's study, entitled Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction: Body Image and Fitness seeks to understand a possible connection between body image, fitness, and sexual satisfaction in men and women; this study was undertaken to further understand this possible link, which was tentatively established by previous studies , which established a correlation between physical fitness or activity level and frequency of sexual activity and desire…
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