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Essay example - nutritional evaluation of an young athlete

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Background: For physically active individuals, a steady supply of nutritional elements and supplementation represents insurance that deficiencies of nutrients would not occur, thus would not affect the performance adversely. In fact, it has been appropriately stated that making sound nutritional choices does not guarantee athletic prowess, but poor nutritional choices almost certainly constraints performance always…

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It is clear from the recent literature that total energy and macronutrient composition of the diet modulates acute exercise performance and adaptation to training. Since athletic activities demand high amount of energy, it is important to understand how energy is produced and how the demand for energy during athletics drives energy utilization. This understanding can be utilized and is critical to recommend appropriate dietary choices to replace that energy and refuel for the next bout of athletic activity (Bowman, B.A. and Russell, R.M., Eds., 2002).
Principles: The basic principles of energy transduction dictate that the flow of energy into the body must balance energy flow out of the body plus or minus energy storage. The human species is adapted to survive in the face of intermittent food availability; therefore, the efficient storage of food energy in periods of abundance is a metabolic priority. The form of energy that is utilized for performance of activity is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP storage in the body is severely limited, therefore, there must be storage form of energy that can be rapidly activated and can respond to changes in energy demand at the time of athletic activity. ...
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