Yoga: A Status Symbol or a Real Advantage?

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People around the world have been facing tremendous pressure and stress due to the increasing pace of life activities. There have been positive advancements in the global level in recent years due to the globalization and the corresponding technological progress.


Disco and other nights clubs and gymnasiums, etc. in cities are thrived in these circumstances. Yoga, the eastern method of both physical and mental exercise, has been proved tremendous help for the real practitioners, even for the Hollywood film stars and high profile business executives. Although the researchers from the universities and medical hospitals in U.S and other nations have proved the benefits of yoga as the most effective practice for complete health, some are still complaining and laughing about the practice, as a time waste or not for everyone's reach. Even though, the centuries old system, yoga, has been practiced by most of the people in India as a complete solution for life's all problems, the west have taken it for the physical benefits and the little of optimum mental peacefulness just sufficient to keep them away from the daily stressful life. There arguments have even grown stronger when they prove that yoga caused even harm to some, even they have practiced regularly. This has been continuing for more than lat one decade in global level. But the negative effects or non-effect of yoga has not been affected to the regular methodical practitioners.

Yoga is an ancient system of yogic practice started in India around five thousand year back. Yoga means union of the self with the higher universal self. The practical yoga has many aspects. ...
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