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Essay example - Learning Human Nature From Novels.

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For so many years now, many people still have questions on the effect of reading novels to attitudes, beliefs and even to life as a whole. It cannot be answered by a simple phrase saying that novels make lives beautiful. …

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In the year 2002, a group of students from the International Congress IGEL University of Pecs conducted a study entitled "Causal Relationships between Reading Socialication, Socioeconomic Variables, and Strategies for Reading Novels." The goal of the sturdy or research is to determine through statistical method the relationships in reading socialization and its significant effects to the reader based on several factors such as reading frequency and preferences, reading socialization, reading strategies, social data and cultural milieu. The study was conducted from people all over Germany who were at least 16 years old. 1025 people were interviewed.

The aim of the statistical investigation of the collected data was twofold: Firstly to verify reading strategies. With the concept of "reading strategy", all the operations and actions that readers apply when they read a literary text are implied. Such reading strategies can occur before, during and after reading. They include both the behavior to the text in it's material form (e.g. browsing through a book, throwing it in the trash) as well as emotional reactions and cognitive operations (e.g. identifying oneself with the protagonist, furthering the story in one's own daydreams) as well as social interaction and communication about the text (e.g. talking about the book with the book dealer or with friends). (Burbaum et al. 2002) ...
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