Mexican Repatriation of the 1930's

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The Mexican Repatriation was a massive migration, which took place between the year 1929 and 1937. It is estimated that about 400-500, 000 Mexicans left the United States of America. The reason for this repatriation was the raised unemployment and the fear of deportation.


The President of United States, Mr. Herbert Hoover supported these actions and allowed the targeting of Mexican population. The most affected areas were California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. This made them leave the country and they went back to Mexico.
United States of America was always a heaven for immigrants from different parts of the world. There used to be a million immigrants from Europe each year before the introduction of Quota Act of 1924. The new act reduced the immigration to less than 100, 000 immigrants per year. As the Depression began and people started suffering of it, government planned to take an action against the illegal immigrants, who were not only burden on the weakened economy but were also the cause of disturbance among the people in the country (Blea, 1988. Page No. 99). The act does not put extra restrictions from the immigrants of Mexico and they enjoyed their stay and mobility between the two countries. It came out that there were more than 400,000 illegal immigrants in United States. The government started a raid against the illegal immigrants in all the major cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc. This resulted in the deportation of some 163,900 people in ten years. ...
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