Choose an Operation that you have been a customer (Topics are concerning business management, and shown in instructions)

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Perhaps the foremost social and economic responsibility levied upon private and public organisation in recent decades is the customer satisfaction maximisation. This responsibility is being increasingly codified in law and various governmental orders. Its influence is becoming increasingly pervasive through a constant series of federal court decisions as well as steady enlargement in the size and scope of administering agencies.


It is argued that the supply chain standards are not fixed at a uniform level or universal conditions cannot be established. Several factors should be taken into consideration while implementing a supply chain implementation or improvement plan. Factors contributing to the effective development of supply chain management are many and varied, which include:
- Design and Planning Services: The company offers Design and Planning Services in order to eke the customers in order to develop efficient and ever ready data availability, layered network which supports the customer in reaching new markets and improve performance.
- Operations Services: " Managed Network Operations, IT Professional Services, Technical Information Products/Services, and a comprehensive Network Support Program, ensure comprehensive operational, troubleshooting, and maintenance support that keeps your network running smoothly and ensures high network availability.
- Performance Services. GSM Network Optimisation Services provide multi-vendor optimisation of 2G and 2.5G networks based on unique modelling and data analysis tools, which utilise real measurement, report data from network users in the optimisation process.
- Evolution Services. ...
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